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Within this week, MV Maheshwari, with 53 containers on board, will leave the port of Haldia near Calcutta for the port of Pandu in Guwahati to transport goods for Hindustan Petrochemical and Adani Wilmar. Shipping Minister Krishna (Gopal Krishna) is likely to drop the flag on the ship. In 12 to 15 days, it will cover 1489 kilometers, first through Bangladesh, along the ancient Indo-Bangladeshi river trade route, and then through a rarely used route, which could dramatically change the connection in northeastern India. 

Northeast India is a prisoner of geography. India is inland and surrounded by neighbours such as China, Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh, and its only land-based links to the rest of India are very narrow-Siliguri has a "chicken neck" 22 km wide-strategically vulnerable to destruction. This means that land-based transport and trade networks as lifelines for the movement of goods progress and prosperity are limited remote and crowded. 

India has always believed that there are two solutions to this problem. The first is to activate the river network in the region and promote maritime trade. Second, Agartala, one of the southern points in the north-east, is very close to the sea-only 200 kilometers away and separated by foreign territory. Entering the port by land will greatly facilitate connectivity. But the implementation of both parts depends on Bangladesh, and both are embroiled in bureaucratic battles. 

The center of gravity of an object is a matter of physics. In business, by contrast, there is an artificial center of gravity. It's all about making money, or at least avoiding losses. Logistics is the study of the limitations of time, physical space and location on the movement of goods / people / information from the starting point to the end point. Interestingly, these logistical constraints can also be physical. In particular, transportation costs can determine the success or failure of a sales transaction. 

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This is especially true when buyers and sellers are at a certain distance and there are certain challenges between topography and / or water bodies. The topography and / or water body will determine the nature of the infrastructure available to the leasing carrier. If the carrier can move items between the available infrastructure, a sale and purchase transaction can be made. However, if the cost of transportation, coupled with the selling price of the goods, is too high for the buyer, then the transaction is not possible. This may be due to the lack of competition in the rental carrier market or to the physical limitations of the distances involved under the existing technical conditions. 

In order to control the operating cost, it is necessary to manage the logistics restrictions.Gravity creates attraction. When market conditions change enough, business activities will be attracted to a new center. Only equal and opposite forces can resist this gravity. What happens when these centers of gravity change? In the face of these changes, what is needed to maintain the current focus? 

Tokyo and surrounding areas are expected to usher in the worst typhoon in 60 years, with streets and train stations unusually quiet on Saturday as heavy rain poured down. 

After people hoarded water and food, the shelves in the shops were empty. There are no surfers on the nearby beach, only surging waves. 

Typhoon Haibeth (Hagibis) is approaching from the Pacific Ocean and is expected to bring up to 80 centimeters (30 inches) of rain to the Tokyo area, including a power outage caused by typhoon Chiba (Chiba), in the north last month. Some buildings are still under partial restoration. 

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Rugby World Cup matches, concerts and other events have been cancelled. Flights are grounded and trains are suspended. The authorities moved quickly, issuing warnings earlier this week, including urging people to stay indoors. 

Trade tensions between the United States and China cannot be resolved anytime soon to meet our country's largest maritime gateway. 

In a report released this week by the port of Los Angeles (Port of Los Angeles), statisticians noted that Los Angeles moved 779903 20-foot equivalent units of (TEUs), in September, down 2.7 per cent from the record level of September 2018. 

"said Gene Seroka, executive director of the unwise port of Los Angeles in the United States. "our exports have fallen for 11 months in a row, and our fastest growing segment is exporting empty containers to Asia. We are likely to see a decline in trading volume in the fourth quarter. We must resolve the trade war through negotiations because it has begun to affect more than 3 million American jobs related to this port facility. " 

Long-term contract shipping rates for carriers continued to fall in October. Latest Freight data from the XSI ®Public Index report.

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